Frequently Asked Questions
regarding GEN I trading platform model

I am a registered User, but having trouble logging in. What am I doing wrong ?


Most likely you have entered the website, but weren’t able to access the operating portal for one of the following reasons:

  • You didn’t fill out all required fields in your Account Profile;
  • You don’t have an active subscription.

In every instance, system notifies you about the reason behind the access inability.



I have found an attractive Offer in the section of “All Deals”. How do I contact the Seller and what do I do next ?


By publishing a Deal (Offer in this example) in the publicly accessible “All Deals” section, Deal author/owner expects to receive many variable Bids and Proposals from different Users and eventually e-sign a Contract on best possible terms and conditions. Therefore, the best course of action would be to make a Bid on the Deal of your interest, as opposed to contacting the Deal author/owner directly. To Bid on a Deal, you must open a Deal page and press the button ‘Make a Bid’. Once you fill out all fields of the Bid page and press the button ‘Post’, Deal author/owner will receive a system notification about a new posted Bid. He/she will review a new incoming Bid, amongst all other new incoming Bids, and will respond to you if he/she deems your Bid appealing and worth pursuing further negotiation.

Your posted Bid will also appear on your ‘My Bids’ page.


What does ‘Final’ and ‘Negotiable’ Bid status mean ?


These statuses do not limit the abilities of both parties to continue negotiation process. They only serve as an indication to the counter-party about the readiness and willingness to continue negotiation or the last terms are final.


Page “All Deals” contains many different Deals. How do I find a particular product in a certain country ?


You can utilize our Search Engine which is always located at the top section of each page. Ensure that selector is set on “All Deals” option. Type the product key word in the search box and click ‘Search’ (or hit Enter button on your keyboard). System will instantly display all search results for All Deals which contain your key word. In order to find a particular product in a certain country, you must use the option ‘Find by Country’. If the list of results does not display your required Country, it means there’s no Active Deal for your product AND your designated Country, at this time.


What does ‘Direct Offer’ and ‘Direct Inquiry’ on the company page mean ?


Direct Offer’ – is a similar Deal as a publicly available Deal with the only difference, that it is not visible to and available to general public, e.g. it is not listed on “All Deals” page. Such Deals are created for and addressed to a specifically designated User. In a response to such Deal, User can make a Bid and all further interaction between the Deal author/owner and Bidder follows the same principals and processes as in the public Deals.


Some companies in the Company Directory have Ratings and Testimonials. How does my company earn Rating points ?


Ratings are accumulated based on the Scores given by other Users who dealt with You. Importantly, Score can only be given by a User who entered into (e-signed) a Contract with You, hence only 1 (one) Score on 1 Completed Deal (Contract).

For instance, if 2 (two) companies A (deal author/owner) and B (Bidder) entered into a Contract (e-signed a Contract), both companies have an opportunity to Rate each other and write a Testimonial, only once !

If at any point in the future, the same companies will end up entering into another Contract, they will again have the same opportunity to Rate each other’s performance and write a Testimonial. But only once per Contract.


What is the purpose of a ‘Select Bid’ button in Bids received on my Deal ?


Contract e-signing between a Deal author/owner and a Bidder is a multi-step process, where all process steps are attributed to certain Deal and Bid statuses. ‘Select Bid’ signifies that one of the Bid’s received a ‘Selected’ status. Brief process recap below:

  • Once a Deal is created and posted, it receives an ‘Active’ status. It instantly appears on the ‘Active’ tab in ‘My Deals’ and on “All Deals” page. From that point Deal author/owner anticipates incoming Bids from Users around the world.
  • Once several Bids and their counter-proposals been circulated and exchanged, Deal author/owner decides which Bid to pursue further. Deal author/owner assigns ‘Selected’ status to a chosen Bid by pressing button ‘Select Bid’. ‘Selected’ status does not mean, nor guarantee, that a final decision has been made and not does indicate the end of the negotiation process between the two parties. This Bid status only highlights the selected Bid among other Bids, as the one having higher chances towards a potential Contract. ‘Selected’ Bid appears in the ‘Evaluation’ tab of the ‘My Deals’ page. Bidder who made this Bid receives a system notification that his/her Bid was ‘Selected’.
  • Selected’ Bid can be unselected by clicking ‘Unselect Bid’.
  • Evaluation’ tab only lists ‘Selected’ Bids. This tab is designated to assist User in verifying and evaluating all terms of selected Bids prior to making a final decision to proceed further.
  • If a Deal author/owner is satisfied with all terms of selected Bid, then he/she accepts such Bid by clicking ‘Accept’ button of a relevant Bid in the ‘Evaluation’ tab. Respective Bid receives an ‘Accepted’ status and neither of the parties can render new proposals or process any amendments or changes to the Bid terms. Bid ‘acceptance’ locks-in a set of finally negotiated and settled terms. (During this process, other Bidders can continue to Bid on this Deal until the Deal is officially completed by duly signed Contract).
  • Upon ‘acceptance’ of a Bid, Deal author/owner can proceed to the Contract page and unilaterally e-sign it from his/her side. At this moment Bid receives a status of ‘Signed’ and Bidder receives a system notification that Deal author/owner (his/her counter-party) has e-signed the Contract.
  • Final step in this process is Contract e-signing by a Bidder (counter-signing). Once the contract is e-signed by both parties, Deal author/owner closes the Deal by clicking ‘Complete Deal’ button. Deal gets assigned a ‘Completed’ status, transfers to the ‘Completed Deals’ tab, gets removed from ‘Active’ tab and from the list of Active Deals on “All Deals” page.
What do ‘Expired Deals’ mean and what is the purpose of this tab ?


Expired Deals’ tab contains all expired Deals which ran out of the time validity. Trade Deals have a 60-day validity from the ‘product available on/product required on’ date, and Service Deals have a 30-day validity from the ‘service required on’ date.


Why ‘Evaluation’ tab in some Deals contains ‘Accept Bid’ button and in some Bids it is inactive ?


Option ‘Accept Bid’ gives an opportunity to a Deal author/owner to accept and lock-in the terms of the Deal, however the counter-party (Bidder) must agree to such terms. Therefore, option ‘Accept Bid’ comes into play only if/when during the exchange of proposals and counter-proposals the last proposal was made by a Bidder.


Can other Users see my Bids or Proposals?

No. They cannot. Other Users, even those participating, Bidding and negotiating on the same Deals - can NOT see Bids or Proposals made by other Users. Bidding process is securely discrete. Only you and your counter-party see the Bids and Proposals as you engage in the negotiation process