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TradeHelp™ – the world’s first and only, fully integrated B2B trading eco system as SaaS Cloud solution for physical commodities, raw materials, by- products and all commercial services trading.

Real-time marketplace for physical commodities and all trade services with high-tech operating engine for commodity traders and service providers to conduct business with each other. From pre-trade discovery of products and services to deal closure, post-trade execution, delivery of products and services, financial settlement. Full-suite SaaS trading eco system.

TradeHelp™ system allows users to trade physical commodities and trade services by digitally bridges commodity traders with all service providers in real-time, allowing users to source, negotiate, contract and trade both physical commodities and any trade services at the same time among unlimited number of participants.

Commodity traders and service providers can buy and sell commodities and any trade services needed to fulfill contractual obligations, meaning not only physical commodities but all trade services like ocean/air/land freight, freight forwarding and logistics services, vessel chartering, cargo insurance, cargo inspection, customs brokerage, terminal handling and all others are tradeable assets which can be bought and sold on TradeHelp™ marketplace using TradeHelp™ AI-powered operating engine.

TradeHelp™ eco system accommodates any domestic and international trade operation.



 Real-time secure technology powered by proprietary AI algorithms, SEO and proprietary operating engine with system modules allows participants to:

  • price-discover without speculation and competitively source products and services
  • interact with other users via our robust communication module on KYC, RFIs, RFQs, compliance, documentation exchange
  • electronically create product or services Deals or connected product + services Deals using our universal trading module
  • post product and/or services Deals on our trading portal or submit 'Direct' (discrete) Deals to designated parties bypassing public portal
  • digitally engage in discrete real-time multi-party negotiations powered by our operating engine and digital tools
  • customize any single or multi-channel commodity and services negotiating using our trading module
  • process controlled trading and service transactions using our digital interface
  • generate e-Contract, PO or WO in a customized format using our digital contractual module in a legally compliant manner
  • generate digital documents and process documentation exchange using our documentation module and operating engine
  • digitally process transparent, system-validated and interactive multi-party post-trade execution flow of products and services, documentation issuance and exchange, every step of the way;
  • financially settle in real-time using our financial module.




TradeHelp™ - fast, secure, transparent, easy-to-use. Operated by 1 User. Cost and labor efficient compared to expensive non-trading ERP systems.




 1st generation of current system consists of 10 proprietary algorithm-based digital modules. Proprietary AI-powered operating engine digitally connects unlimited number of physical commodity traders and service providers from pre-trade discovery of products and services, through real-time multi-party negotiating and trading operations, to e-contracting between all parties. Full trading cycle for products and services.

System digitally integrates all trade participants into an electronically synergetic and discrete negotiating and bidding processes, via digitally transforming all real-life trading and services operations, documentation exchange, communication and interface interactions between all parties - into a universally efficient chains of automated real-time concurrent processes, finalized by e-contracting.  

2nd generation of TradeHelp™ system model coming online, expands on current system functionality by bringing in robust algorithm-based post-trade execution module into the existing operating engine, hybrid-blockchain foundation, technologically advanced AI processing and user-controlled operations. 



 Green footprint 
  • Agriculture - Farming, Horticulture, Livestock, Aquaculture
  • Agricultural inputs - Seeds, Fertilizers, Treatment Products
  • Metals and Mining
  • Lumber and Wood
  • All commercial trade services operating in these industries




Benefits for all market participants:

  • the only independent open market trading eco system in the world providing full scale digital paperless unlimited-party end-to-end supply chain pre-trade, trade and post-trade operations
  • exponential opportunities for all Traders and all Service Providers in leveraging and expanding existing business networks, entering new markets
  • benchmarking own products and services against competitors and existing networks of commodity traders and service providers
  • growth opportunities and sustainability for underserved Micro, Small and Midsize (MSME) companies by enabling equal open market access, competitive edge and costs savings
  • expanding on sales and distribution channels, market breadth and lowest market entry costs
  • discovery of new competitive products and services based on specific parameters, standards and grades, finding alternative service solutions
  • securing new market opportunities in bearish and bullish economy, leverage on existing network and trade lanes.
  • locating new markets for residual stock, excess inventory and obsolete items
  • securing products and services to fulfill contractual obligations, shortages and defaults while having NO access to large commodity exchanges, no budget, no buying/selling power or scalable business relationships
  • algorithmic trading mechanisms allow traders and service providers to yield the most competitive pricing without speculation, deliberate decision-making, structured contractual terms in full regulatory compliance
  • eliminates risks of currency and asset devaluation
  • provides ability for traders to resell the product in transit, via multi-channel streamlined interface processes.
  • helps MSMEs to avoid zero leverage in scarce products and services, avoid ‘single-source’ risks by expanding on products and services options
  • filling excess production capacity for manufacturing companies, moving idle inventory, faster ROI, eliminating deadfreight for transportation companies.
  • can be integrated with any ERP system or 3rd party interface.


TradeHelp™ is the World’s First Live Market Price Indicator for physical commodities and commercial trade services, where platform activities of commodity traders and service providers sets the true real-time market price indications and dynamics.


TradeHelp™ system transforms all real-time full-range activities in global trade into a digital paperless format. 


Industry leading, disruptive strategic advantage of TradeHelp™ SaaS system is that it engages not only commodity traders with each other, but equally all service providers with commodity traders and other service providers.

 The only trading system on the market integrating all traders and all service providers into 1 global interface to conduct full-cycle trading and services operations.

 System provides exponential market opportunities outside of the existing networks for all companies and unmatched operational efficiencies for all global trade participants, providing full transparency between all parties and mitigating commercial and financial risks.


TradeHelp™ is the only independent open marketplace trading eco system with a high-tech operating engine in the world, powered by proprietary algorithms and operating system, allowing participants to price-discover without speculation, competitively engage and source products and services, multilaterally discretely negotiate, digitally trade, compliantly e-contract and transparently conduct multi-party real-time physical post-trade execution flow while providing paperless processing, financial settlement and securing privacy of sensitive information.


Upcoming Products by TradeHelp™

TradeHelpBank™ – is a TradeHelp™ financial module II. IP-protectedUnder construction.

Our new innovative products aimed at further digitization of global supply chain operations are in product development. Stay tuned…