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We specialize in the following industries:

Agriculture - Farming, Food processing, Animal Feed, Livestock, Dairy, Fishery, Horticulture
and everything for Agriculture - raw inputs, fertilizers, treatment products, equipment

Other natural resource industries and their derivatives:

  • METALS and Metallurgy
  • MINING and Minerals
  • FORESTRY and Wood
  • ENERGY and Fuels
  • All COMMERCIAL TRADE SERVICES supporting these industries

All TradeHelp™ Users are either Buyers or Sellers of
Physical Commodities or Trade Services.


(for commodities, raw materials and by-products)

Buyer/Seller, Importer/Exporter, Trading Company, Trade Broker, Trade Agent, Originator, Producer, Manufacturer, Product Distributor, Product Dealer, MRO Provider and others who belong to this category.

"Service providers"
(for commercial trade services)

3PL, 4PL Company,
Ocean Shipping Line,
Vessel Owner, Operator, Charterer,
Freight Forwarder, Expeditor,
Logistics Management company,
Intermodal Operations,
Air Cargo,
Rail Cargo,
Trucking company,

Barging company,
Cargo Terminal, Terminal Operator,
Stevedoring Company,
Warehousing and Storage company,
Equipment company,
Packaging company,
Customs Brokerage,
Cargo Survey, Inspection company,

Operations Supervision,
Shipping Broker,
Shipping or Port Agent,
Cargo Fumigation company,
Cargo Insurance,
Trade Legal services,
Trade Finance, Commercial Bank
and others who belong to this category

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What we do

Digital transformation in physical commodity trading and trade services operations.

Fully integrated B2B digital solution for physical commodity traders & all service providers.

Digital real-time marketplace exchange for commodities & trade services with high-tech operating AI engine to process full-cycle digital trading & services operations from discovery to deal closure.

Global interface digitally bridging commodity traders & service providers. From single to combined commodity trading + trade services deals.

Hundreds of Daily Trades
Thousands of Live Offers and Inquiries
Millions of Dollars in Trade Deals !

ProductIncotermsTarget priceBids made
Pitted Dates 18.600 mtFOB Karachi, Pakistan
Hulled Sesame Seeds 19 mtFOB Karachi, Pakistan
Green Millets 200 mtFOB Karachi, Pakistan
HDPE PIPE GRADE PELLETS VIRGIN RESIN 250 mtFAS deliver to PORT HOU Coldspring, United States
Chicken 1 500 mtCFR Hervey Bay, Australia
Research Paddy Seeds 8 000 000 kgsFOB Sangli, India
Hybrid watermelon Ice box 500 kgsFOB Sangli, India
Hybrid Okra Seeds 100 000 kgsFOB Sangli, India
Hybrid Chilly Seeds 2 500 kgsFOB Sangli, India
Hybrid Tomato Seeds 1 000 kgsFOB Sangli, India
ProductIncotermsTarget priceBids made
Organic Mungbeans for sprouting. 1 500 kgsDDP Himberg, Austria
whole feed peas 5 000 mtCIF Ravenna, Italy
Linseeds (brown flax) 3 000 mtCIF Ravenna, Italy
sugar beet molasses 2 000 mtCIF Bandirma, Turkey
red sorghum 5 000 mtCIF Tarragona, Spain
Linseeds (brown flax) 5 000 mtCIF Ghent, Belgium
Linseeds (brown flax) 3 000 mtCIF Ravenna, Italy
Durum wheat 5 000 mtCIF Bari, Italy
Whole yelow peas 4 000 mtCIF Mersin, Turkey
Service(s) RequiredProductBids made
Cargo Survey, Cargo Fumigationrice, sugar, corn, tapioca, beans & pulses, palm oil, glycerine, fertilizers (urea) and etc. 750 000 mt
Service(s) RequiredProductBids made
Cargo On-CarriageHybrid Okra Seeds 100 000 kgs
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo FumigationSoybeans 20 000 mt
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo SurveyCorn (Maize) 20 000 mt
Logistics ServicesFiber Drums 15 000 kgs
Freight ForwardingYellow Corn #2 100 mt
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo FumigationSoybeans 20 000 mt
Cargo SurveyWheat 122 747 mt
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo Survey, Cargo FumigationGreen Peas, unshelled 10 000 mt
Freight Forwarding, Cargo SurveyFeed Barley 30 000 mt
Cargo On-Carriage, Cargo SurveySoybeans 10 000 mt